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Our Mission

NCASPRS shall support the Potomac Region and the national ASPRS in the following ways:

  • Provide a means for exchange of ideas and information between all ASPRS members in the Chapter and with other organizations within the Society.

  • Develop positions relative to Region and Society matters.

  • Promote Region and Society membership.

  • Organize technical and social groups that can contribute to NC organizations in need of assistance supporting technical programs covered by the Chapter and Region for the benefit of NCASPRS, Region members and other NC organizations.

  • Collaborate with other organizations in our area for the purpose of encouraging the exchange of technical information or otherwise enhancing the remote sensing profession.

Who We Are

NCASPRS is the North Carolina Chapter of the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.  The North Carolina members are a combination of Vendor, Government, and Academic striving to understand and participate in the Standards and specifications created at the national level about Remote Sensing products. 

There are three main goals of this group:

  1. to stay informed of the work done at the national level and to understand how that impacts remote sensing users in NC

  2. To participate in professional development and help users of remote sensing stay abreast of new technologies and advancements of standards

  3. to work with Universities to make sure that students working towards remote sensing careers are involved and informed about work being done across the nation with remote sensing. 

Current Officers

NCASPRS Officers are elected by a general majority of NCASPRS members.  Officers serve a 2 year term.


Harold W. Rempel, III, CP, CMS-LiDAR, GISP, PP, SP

ESP Associates, Inc.


  • Chapter Chief Executive Officer

  • Presides over all meetings

  • Reserves the right to create and preside over all committees, except the nominating committee

  • Serves as a member of the Potomac Region Board 


Hope Morgan, PLS, GISP, CFM



  • Maintains records and correspondence for the chapter

  • Responsible for all accounts and chapter finances

  • Reports on fiscal activities to the Board and chapter membership


Paul Badr, CP, PLS, PPS, SP

GPI Geospatial


  • Serves as special adviser to the current president

  • Default chair of the Nominating Committee

  • Lends expertise to the Board of Directors

Executive Committees & Board Members

Board members are currently being drafted.

If you're interested in becoming a board member, please contact Hope Morgan (

Education & Professional Development Committee

Board Members

  • Leila Hashemi Beni, Ph.D.

  • Paul Badr, CP, PLS, PPS, SP

  • Scott Madry, Ph.D

  • Ken Ashe, PE, PMP, CFM

  • Jamey Gray, PLS, GISP

  • Will Reckling

  • Luiz Cortez, PLS, CP

Communications & Outreach Committee

Board Members

  • Carl Stearns, PLS, GISP

  • David Key, PE, CFM

  • Garrett Shields, GISP, CFM

  • Amy Barron, PLS, GISP

  • Rick Wallace

Technical Program & Guidelines Committee

Board Members

  • Jacob Todd

  • Matt Elios

  • Ryan Lavery

  • Connie Kramf, CP, CMS-GIS/LIS

  • Mike Baranowski, GISP

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