The NCAT American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) Student Chapter was approved on May 6, 2020, by the Regional Office Council. Our faculty advisor is Dr. Leila Hashemi Beni, and our inaugural president is Mr. Asmamaw Gebrehiwot -  Additional members include Mr. Saurabh Dhamankar, Vice President, Ms. Terra McKee, Secretary/Treasurer, and Mr. Josh Anstead, Website Professional.  The NCATSU ASPRS Chapter aims to provide education, engagement, mentorship, and career opportunities to students and alumni across several distinct and interactive divisions, including Geographic Information System Division, LiDAR Division, Photogrammetric Division, Primary Data Acquisition Division, Professional Practice Division, Remote Sensing Applications Division, and Unmanned Autonomous Systems Division.


We look forward to hosting various activities, such as geospatial technology workshops, monthly guest speakers, K-12 educational engagements, an annual research symposium, and other events to learn geospatial knowledge and skills for career advancement and promoting interdisciplinary engagement at NCATSU.

We proudly represent ASPRS and North Carolina as a member of the Potomac Region. Aggie Pride!




Dr. Leila Hashemi-Beni       Asmamaw Gebrehiwot                  Saurabh Dhamankar                          Terra McKee

   Faculty Advisor               PhD Research Assistant             PhD Research Assistant                 PhD Research Assistant

                                                             President                                Vice- President                        Secretary/Treasurer  


Symposium sponsored by NC A&T ASPRS Student Chapter

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